Swiss or German Gun (Unsigned)

This smoothbore has carved features related to the rifle signed A Berneck on the lock that was photographed at the 2008 CLA Show and is shown on another page here. berneck_jaeger.htm

While it is immediately obvious that they both have the butt pieces represented by carving instead of being metal but that is not what I am referring to. The actual hand of the carver in the execution of leaf ended scrolls and shells is so similar that it could be by the same hand or from the same shop. However the signed rifle appears to be earlier than this smoothbore by some 20 years. Hopefully someone who knows more about work from this area will contact me and help update this web entry.

Octagon to round smooth bore barrel--original half stock with horn nose cap

Nicely figured European walnut stock shaped in the square toe style commonly used on rifles.

The rear entry pipe is wood but even more unusual is that the tube is formed from a thin piece apparently steamed and bent for strength---the grain runs at 90 degrees to the stock and barrel.

The iron sling holder may be an old replacement from a military gun---the quality does not seem to be as good as the rest of the work. Its attachment screw passes through a loop on the barrel and holds the forestock in place.

The boars head, bow, and quiver were carved in relief on a separate piece of wood inlayed in the walnut stock.

The mark on the tang is a script #2 written in the style of the period.

Locks in the period were often inlet in this sort of quick "workmanlike" manner.

Case hardening colors remain on the tumbler and sear.

In profile the foresight could be a face.

The sling button was also carved from wood! It appears to have been a very dense grain fruit wood or box wood and was glued in place.



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