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updated 1/15/2012

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The links on this page will connect to a wide assortment of original guns I have had the opportunity to photograph. Adding pictures is a slow process due to the many different formats involved over the years, so check back from time to time to see what is new.

Brass Barrel Rifle [lock and barrel only]

Bumford "Type G" trade gun (CWF collection)

Signed Jacob Dickert

English Short Rifle

Signed Dickson & Gillmore (Plains rifle)

SW VA rifle attributed to Honaker

Rifle attributed to Jacob Kuntz

Samuel Miller ca. 1830

Nicholson, Philadelphia

Frederick Sheets rifle that I owned

Associated with Sheetz Family of Hampshire Co. WV

Swiss or German Gun Added 1/14/2012

3 Jaegers Photographed at the 2008 CLA Show:

           Jaeger signed Hoheger A. Berneck

           Unsigned Jaeger marked TOAN over SCH

           Gun signed Frantz Wallner