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Gusler M-Blasts Articles
This information defies being placed in a single category because these illustrated articles, published over several years, cover such a wide variety of topics.

What you see below is simply an index of the titles and dates of publication of the articles. As of the fall of 2010 all of these back issues of Muzzle Blasts were still available at very reasonable prices from the NMLRA offices in Friendship, Indiana.

 Muzzle Blast articles by Wallace Gusler  

“A Riffle Gun and What Belongs To Her,” January 2003, p. 4;

“One Rifle Gun with Brass Box moles & wipers,” March 2003, p. 7;

“June 15, 1755 ‘One brass riffle gun & bullet moules,” May 2003, p. 61.

“Inventory of Robert Milburn, Frederick County, Virginia,” September 2003, p. 47;

“A rifle gun barrel and mountings,” November 2003, p. 48;

“Attributing the “Old Holston Rifle,”” March 2004, p. 4;

“The Step Toe Group,” May 2004, p. 6;

“An Early Shenandoah Valley Iron Mounted Rifle Gun,” July 2004, p. 11.

 “A Fine Iron Mounted Rifle,” September 2004, p. 36.

 “An 18th-Century Moravian Rifle Gun from North Carolina, January 2005, p. 4.

 “An Eighteenth-Century North Carolina Moravian Rifle Gun,”continued from January issue, March 2005, p. 53.

“An 18th-Century North Carolina Moravian Rifle Gun,” continued from June 2005, November 2005, p. 4;

“A Fine Iron Mounted Rifle from the Valley of Virginia,” March 2006, p. 60.

 “A Lancaster-Pennsylvania Rifle Gun with Southern Connections,” January 2007, p. 4;

“Possible Origin of G.F. Fanot’s Box Design,” March 2007, p. 13;

“New Market Made H. Spitzer,” April 2007, p. 4;

“An Important Tennessee Iron Mounted Rifle Gun, Part I,” July 2007, p. 4.

“An Important Tennessee Iron Mounted Rifle Gun-Part 2,” September 2007, p. 54;

“A Valley of Virginia Rifle Gun Used in Kentucky,” November 2007, p. 36;

“Early Virginia-Pennsylvania Rifle,” March 2008, p. 4;

“An In-use Restocked Smoothbored Rifle Gun,” May 2008, p. 50.

“American Frontier and Back Country Flint Lock Technology 1730-1830,” September 2008, p. 4;

“Backcountry and Frontier Flintlock Terminology,” November 2008, p. 4;

“A Rosetta Stone North Carolina Rifle Gun-Part I,” June 2009, p. 4;

“A Rosetta Stone North Carolina Rifle Gun-Part 2,” August 2009, p. 50.

“Shot Bags/Shot Pouches,” December 2009, p. 4;

“Shot Bags/Shot Pouches, ”Part II, May 2010, p. 7;

“An Early Virginia Shot Bag and 18th Century Powder Measure,” June 2010, p. 4.