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Period Resources:

   A Catalogue of Tools for Watch and Clock Makers,  by John Wyke, introduction by Alan Smith, reprinted 1978 Henry Francis duPont Winthur Museum and University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA [Detailed engraved plates of hand tools, including files, hacksaws, and screw plates, from the 18th century.] 

   An Essay on Shooting, printed by T. Cadell, London, 1789 [Includes technical information on gun making, loading and shooting, game and hunting, etc.] 

   The History and Present State of Virginia-In Four Parts, by Robert Beverly, London, 1705, reprinted 1947 by The University of North Carolina [Early comprehensive description of Virginia including geography, game, Native Americans, natural resources, etc.]

Letters from the South by James Kirke Paulding (1778-1860). published by AMS Press, NY, 1973. Facsimile reprint. Originally published: J. Eastburn, NY, 1817.  [This series of letters has some wonderfully colorful descriptions of the Valley of Virginia and its residents from the early 19th century.]

   A man apart: the journal of Nicholas Cresswell, 1774-1781, by Nicholas Cresswell with notes by Harold Gill. Published by Lanham; Lexington Books 2009. [The story of a frustrated Englishman unable to get home because of the outbreak of the Rev War. He spends a lot of time in northern VA. But also travels some including a real adventure on the frontier and down the Ohio River.]

   A Pattern Book of Tools and Household Goods, Introduction by Jane Rees and Elton W. Hall. Published by the Early American Industries Association in cooperation with the Peabody Essex Museum, 2006, ISBN 0-943196-04-3 [This is the reprint of an unsigned Birmingham, England pattern book attributed to W. &  C. Wynn and dating from about 1820. In addition to a variety of common household goods and hand tools this catalogue includes; gun hammers; worms; wadding punches; sectioned "washing rods"; sportsman's pocket turn screws with [vent] pickers; and double ended steel chargers with spring lids.]

   Scoouwa: James Smith's Indian captivity narrative, by James Smith (1737-1812) Published by the Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, 1978. Originally published under the title: an Account of the remarkable occurances in the life and travels of Col. James Smith. [Captured as a young man while working on Braddock's Road, Smith's account provides unique insight into the lives of his Ohio Indian captors.]

   A Tour in the United States of America by John Fredinand Dalziel Smith; Reprinted as part of  Eyewitness Accounts of the American Revolution, 1968; New York Times and Arno Press, Inc. [Travel journal of an Englishman who toured Virginia, North Carolina and parts of Maryland in the early 1770s. The original book was published after the Revolution and includes some notes about the war.]

   Travels in the Confederation [1783-1784] by Johann David Schoepf, translated by Alfred J. Morrison; Burt Franklin , Publisher; reprinted 1968, [Travel journal of an officer from the British Army who traveled in the United States right after the war.] (top)

Modern Sources:

   Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800, by Lewis Preston Summers, 1929, Reprinted in two parts by the Genealogical Publishing Co. Baltimore, MD 1970

   Artistic Ingredients of the Longrifle, by Joe Kindig III, 1989, George Shumway and the Kentucky Rifle Association. [A small paperback written to help students of longrifle decorative art see its relationship to other decorative art from the period.]

   British Military Flintlock Rifles 1740-1840, by DeWitt Bailey, Ph. D, 2002, Andrew Mowbray Incorporated publishers, Lincoln, RI. [The two chapters on the arms of Native Americans loyalists are worth the price of the book.]

   Buying into the World of Goods-Early Consumers in Backcountry Virginia by Ann Smart Martin. Johns Hopkins University Press, Maryland, 2008 [Reconstructs the world of one country merchant, John Hook, and reveals much about the acquisition of consumer goods in Bedford and Franklin Counties.] 

   Christopher Gist Frontier Scout, by Allan Powell, 1992, Allen Powell publisher, Hagerstown, MD

   Deerskins & Duffels: The Creek Indian Trade with Anglo-America, 1685-1815, by Kathryn Braund; 1993, University of Nebraska Press. [Best resource to date on the deer hide trade in the southern colonies. It gives insight into what goods the Native Americans needed and how those goods were valued.]

   The Frontier Rifleman, by Richard H. LaCrosse, 1989, Pioneer Press, Union City, TN. [A collection of period accounts that help paint a picture of the frontier riflemen in the 18th century.]

   Historical Targets, by Anne Braun, 1983, English addition byRoydon Publishing Co. London

   Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology, published by Western Kentucky University and the National Muzzleloading Rifle Association, 1985 - 1993. Five Volumes.

   Kegley's Virginia Frontier, by F.B. Kegley, 1938, The Southwest Virginia Historical Society, Roanoke VA

   The Ohio Company Papers, 1753-1817, by Kenneth P. Bailey,  1947, Sons of the Revolution Library, Los Angeles, CA

   The Only Land they Knew: The Tragic Story of the American Indians in the Old South, by J. Leitch Wright, Jr., 1981, The Free Press, N.Y., NY

   Selected Articles from the KRA Bulletin (Volume 1 thru 30), compilled by the KRF Book Committee, 2005 publishe dby Cadmus-Science Press Division, Ephrata, PA

   Virginia's Colonial Soldiers, by Lioyd DeWitt Bockstruck, 1988, Genalogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore, MD (top)