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Handmade lock forged from wrought iron and steel in the style of English locks ca. 1775-1780.  Made in 1978 at the Colonial Williamsburg Gunsmith Shop. (see more pictures of this rifle)

Why visit this site and why come back?

About 15 years ago I reserved the domain name "flintriflesmith.com" because I believed that every artisan would need a web site to showcase work and communicate with customers. In the last few years web sites like that of the Contemporary Longrifle Association and message boards like the one on AmericanLongrifles.org have revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. However, I still believe individual web sites can still be useful and I'm now on the road to discovering how to use this one.

This site will always be evolving. Since I am not seeking custom orders at this time, this site will be different from sites of active builders you may have visited.

My most valuable contribution to rifle building right now is probably the knowledge and experience I have gained through forty years of research. Some of this work has been published but the internet seems like an ideal place for bits and pieces that would interest only a few specialists. Follow the research link for historical tidbits and recommended reading.

I have a section where tools and techniques and a few helpful tips can be found. Follow the tools and techniques link

There is also a photo gallery of old and new work.

NOTE: When you encounter a link labeled "Back/Up" it will take you to the next highest level in the folder structure. To return to the previous page use the back button on your browser.


Contact Information:

Gary Brumfield

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

P.O. Box 1776

Williamsburg, VA 23185


Email: gary@flintriflesmith.com


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