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Making a Curved Hinge
Freshening a Rifle Barrel
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Liner (a special graver)
Shop Made Chisels
Tools for Carving Class

"Craftsmanship is a combination of knowledge on how to use tools and of skill with the hands." from Stanley Rule and Level Co. How to Work with Tools and Wood, 1927
I heartily recommend the tutorial section of the web site. Many folks have contributed their experience to that knowledge base. Some of those lessons are for hand processes and others show how to use modern tools or power tools.

The pages here on my site will focus primarily on period correct processes learned during my years at the Colonial Williamsburg Gunshop.

In addition to the links to the left I have added this link to a PowerPoint slide show on relief carving (This link opens in a separate window and you must click run to start the show. If you don't have PowerPoint you can download a  free viewer from Microsoft.)