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   T.C. Albert, author of Recreating the 18th-century Hunting Pouch
 The Hunting Pouch

   Americanlongrifles.org (This is currently the best message board and forum on building and studying longrifles. The searchable archives contain a wealth of information.) http://www.americanlongrifles.org/

   American Pioneer Videos is the leading company in producing videos related to rifle building and the related subjects of pioneer life. Here is a link to the gun building videos http://www.americanpioneervideo.com/

Association of Ohio Longrifle Collectors -- The archives of their newsletter include a lot of research and pictures of guns made in Ohio. http://aolrc.org/

   Blackpowder Magazine (Larry Pletcher's on-line magazine featuring his research into lock timing, gunsmith interviews, and more.) http://www.blackpowdermag.com/

   Jack Brooks "Bridging the Gap Between Contemporary Long Rifles & Antique Rifles of Our American Heritage" http://www.jsbrookslongrifles.com/

Jim Chambers Flintlocks http://www.flintlocks.com/

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (A huge web site with lots of interesting information. This link is to a page is about Revolutionary War battle tactics.) http://www.colonialwilliamsburg.org/Foundation/journal/Winter08/tactics.cfm

    Colonial Williamsburg Journal article on tradesman and lighting their work areas in the 18th century. http://colonialwilliamsburg.org/foundation/journal/Spring01/lighting.cfm

   Colonial Williamsburg Journal article on the history and recent archaeology early 17th-century iron works at Falling Creek, Virginia http://colonialwilliamsburg.org/Foundation/journal/Autumn07/iron.cfm

   Colonial Williamsburg Journal article on the Gunsmith's Shop

   Contemporary Longrifle Association (check the artisan list and the links page)

   The First American West - The Ohio River Valley, 1750-1820 (15,000 pages of searchable documents) The First American West

   Frontier Folk -- 18th Century Frontier Trekking/Reenacting

   Mel Hankla -- American Historic Services-- site that features Mel's historical portrayals, other contemporary artisans, and some grand old rifles

   Historical Trekking HistoricalTrekking.com

   Kentucky Rifle Association (collectors and students) http://www.kentuckyrifleassociation.org/

   Eric Kettenburg -- gunsmith and historical researcher

   Chris Laubach -- gunsmith (See section on period barrel making.)
Colonial Longrifles.com

   National Muzzleloading Rifle Association

   Mark Silver Gunmaker http://msilverartisan.com/pages/intro.html