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Some of these have been posted on various message boards and others have been written just for my web site.

Copyright 2007-2012, Gary Brumfield

1773 Letter from Christian Oerter  A recently published letter from a gunmaker to a customer and some thoughts on what it can help us understand about the period.

   18th-century Apprenticeships. Answers to questions frequently asked about the apprenticeship system in Colonial America.

   All hand made? What does that mean? A look at trying to agree on definitions of terms used to describe contemporary rifle building processes.

   Curly Wood. A short article explaining what causes curl and the differences between curl, crotch wood, and compression wood.

Fantasy Rifle? What do folks mean when they refer to a contemporary rifle as a fantasy?

   Hunting History of the Glenvar Hollow Boys About twenty years of hunting adventures in the mountains of Virginia.

   Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, and Steel. Ferrous metals in Colonial America: the production and uses

   Muzzle Blasts Magazine. Thoughts on the selection of articles to please the diverse membership.

  What's a Virginia Rifle? Answers to several commonly asked questions about Virginia rifle making, geography, and regions.

   Why Straight Rifling? A few words on why some longrifles were rifled with straight rather than spiral furrows in the bore.