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  Added web article on a 1773 letter from a gunmaker to his customer Christian Oerter Letter January 29, 2012

Added pictures of a Swiss or German smoothbore gun Swiss or German Gun January 14, 2012

Added NMLRA Gunsmithing Seminar 2011 Seminar 2011 November 11, 2011

Added page, under research tab, with an index of Muzzle Blasts articles written by Wallace Gusler from 2003 to 2010. Gusler Muzzle Blasts Articles November 18, 2010

Added page on 1982 NMLRA Gunsmithing Seminar Seminar 1982 November 7, 2010 (Thanks to information from Bill Loyd) Added class picture Nov. 18th.

Updated page on the Colonial Williamsburg Gunsmith Shop under Old and New guns link Gunshop November 7, 2010

Added pictures of an English made short rifle at English Short Rifle September 6, 2010

Added more photos to 2010 NMLRA Gunsmithing Seminar page at Seminar 2010 September 4, 2010

Updated photo page for the Hoheger A Bernick Jaeger CLA_Jaeger #1 August 2010

Updated article on fantasy rifles Fantasy Rifle? July 2010

Updated the Contemporary Longrifle Association information on this page CLA  March 15, 2010

Added two reprints of English tool catalogues to the list of recommended reading in the research section. Birmingham Tools March 15, 2010

Added link to the RootsWeb interactive maps showing the evolution of the counties of Virginia to Virginia Rifle? March 15, 2010

Added contact information (mail and email addresses) at the bottom of the home page. March 3, 2010

Added a web article on "Fantasy Rifles." You may have one and not know it --- or not care! Fantasy Rifle? March 3, 2010

Added a web article on Virginia rifles to answer some frequently asked questions.  Virginia Rifle?  March 3, 2010