Instructors for 1982 were (left to right) John Bivins, Terry Leeper, Lynton McKenzie, Wallace Gusler, and Hershel House

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1982 Courses:

The seminar in 1982 ran from Monday August 9th through Friday August 13th. It was structured in a lecture demonstration format with one presenter taking the lead role for each of the first four days and the other three instructors added thoughts and comments throughout the day.

On Monday Wallace Gusler was the primary presenter and he covered:

  • Southern rifle style and design
  • Traditional gunsmithing techniques using period tools
  • Rifle conservation

Tuesday it was Herschel House:

  • Design and style of the iron mounted southern rifle
  • Techniques for making the iron mounted rifle using contemporary approaches

Wednesday -- John Bivins:

  • Contemporary gunsmithing techniques which maintain the integrity of the hand made rifle
  • Finishing techniques
  • Wood carving applications

Thursday -- Lynton McKenzie:

  • European lock making techniques and subtitles using period tools, jigs, and fixtures
  • Fundamentals of metal engraving

Friday the 13th was an open day in which students could spend time with any or all of the presenters in small groups.


Names appearing on the 1982 roster of attendees:

Andrews, Jamey Lynn TN; Bohnet, Barry FL; Boutwell, William Frank TN; Brooks, John S. (Jack) CO; Cain, Walter Chapman OH; Cloutier, Eugene NH; Dempsey, Gordon Sayward OK; Findley, David B. PA; Galvin, Norbert MA; Gutchess, Alan and Gerald OH; Halstead, Warren Edwin MA; Harn, Robert FL; Hadley, Mark Monroe IN; Howard, Walter M. OH; Howard, William (Tommy) NC; Hughes, Steven D. OR; Juillerat, Don M. KY; Koch, John Markus MI; Kurns, William C. IL; Lankford, David H. TN; Lewis, John Whitney OH; Loyd, William C. MO; Marine, Charles Dennis IN; Matterson, Michael Keith WV; Monarch, Miller KY; Owen, Bruce ?; Panek, John IL; Patrick, John E. WV; Reeb, Larry E. KY; Schiffer, Thomas D. KY; Smith, Authur W. MN; Spencer, Donald G. WA; Spradlin, Warren TN; Tucker, Gary Wayne KY; Westrom, S. John Iowa; Wiltse, Robert Lee LA;