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1992 Courses Offered (Not all were taught):

The 1992 Longrifle Seminar will again be held at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, just across the river from Cincinnati. The June shoot at Friendship begins on the 13th, so the Seminar will run from Sunday June 5th thru Friday June 12th. Adding an extra day by starting on Sunday is one of several changes in response to suggestions from previous attendees.

Because class room and shop space are still limited to four concurrent sessions, we have again decided to let pre-registration determine which of the proposed courses listed below will be taught. For a session to be held it must have at least the minimum number of participants registered and paid by the April 1st deadline (see minimums and maximums for each session with the description below.)

This method of selecting the program puts pressure on you to decide early and register early but it seems the best way to insure that we are teaching the sessions most in demand for this particular year. In 1991 several courses had only three or four people sign up for them as first choices and were not taught. (Most of those who had indicated a second choice were able to attend by switching.) The same courses are on the list this year and if they fill in time they will be held.

John Bivins - Carving - You may bring a gun ready to carve or work on a machine turned blank which will go home with you to become a study piece and reference. Choose any style of carving; American, European, or English. This class in traditional carving techniques best serves those who have carved at least one stock. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Jack Brooks - Stock Shaping and Period Architecture - Jack will bring two original rifles, a ca. 1780 Bonewitz and a ca. 1800 H. Albright. Using one of these as a prototype and beginning with a blank and pre-inlet barrel, participants will learn both the techniques of stock shaping and the subtle characteristics of period architecture that are hard to see in photographs. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Gary Brumfield - American Arms Decoration - Basic instruction in the design and execution of relief carving, engraving, and wire inlay work of the type found on American longrifles 1770-1830. This course is intended to introduce the principles of design and execution to riflemakers wishing to improve their work with artwork from the period. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Jay Close - Stocking the Longrifle - Introduction to the process of stocking an American Longrifle from a blank for beginners or those who have made kit guns. Includes selecting tools, setting up the work space, hand tool work, and the progressive sequence used to stock a rifle. Participants will keep the blanks as study pieces. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Wallace Gusler - Longrifle Engraving - Learn engraving, with hammer and chisel, in the styles found on American Longrifle mounts and inlays. Emphasis on capturing/recreating the feel of a particular period or regional style of rifle-building in your own work without copying from an antique. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Hershel House - Forging Iron Rifle Mounts - Learn basic forge techniques and use them to forge a guard, side plate, and butt plate to take home for use on a future iron mounted rifle. Participants will also learn how to finish the forgings and have time to begin to file them up to patterns Hershel will provide. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Mike Lea - Basic Heat-treating and Making Simple Tools - Hands on, non-technical approach to hardening, tempering, and the making of springs and tools. A variety of methods will be covered and the subjects of silver soldering, color case hardening, and niter bluing will also be addressed. Tuesday thru Friday only! Registration $320. Minimum 7, maximum 8.

Lynton McKenzie and Lew Sanchez - Engraving - For both beginners who wish to start off correctly in engraving both hard and soft metals and advanced engravers wishing to improve their skills. Covers shop setup, lighting, using various types of magnification, tools, controlled sharpening, layout, design transfer, lettering, metal inlay, etc. A large room allows Lynton and Lew to team teach this session to the advantage of both new and repeat attendees. Minimum 14, maximum 16.

Mark Silver - Flintlock Assembly I & II - These two courses will be taught at the same time in the same room. Participants should have some experience in filing, polishing, etc. F.A. I. is the precision assembly and mild tuning of a kit lock by "Going beyond the Instructions" and F.A. II. is advanced work in understanding and reproducing the geometry and aesthetics of period locks using cast parts. Minimum 7, maximum 8.
Also new for 1992 as a result of attendee suggestions will be a series of lecture/discussions on Friday afternoon. These will be part of the program for those attending the Seminar but will also be open, for a small fee, to others on their way to Friendship. The list of presenters and their topics has not been determined at this time but suggestions have included talks on: arms conservation, regional styles, dating of antique rifles, German rifles, evolution of the flintlock, etc. Look for more information on this new addition to the program in the April and May Muzzle Blasts. If you can not come to NKU for the week, consider this option as a way to learn something new and meet with old friends and others sharing your interests.
Registration for the six day sessions, including the optional Friday afternoon lecture program, will be $500. (The four day session on heat-treating is $320.) Several of the courses also require a materials fee, based on dealer cost, for stock blanks, lock kits, etc. Private rooms in the dormitory will be $15.00 per night if you bring your own towels and linens or sleeping bag. Double occupancy is $22.00 per night.
For more information on specific sessions and registration materials write: NMLRA Longrifle Seminar, P.O. Box 67, Friendship, Indiana 47021.