Official Group Photo marked "Love's Studio" taken on the steps
 of the Environmental Sciences building and signed by the instructors.

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A copy of this class schedule, by Dr. Leeper, was sent to me by Leighton Stallones in August of 2009--Thanks!]



1984 Longrifle Seminar: August 6-10, 1984



Monday-- The entire group will be together and the day will begin with orientation from 7 to 7:30.

7:30-8 coffee and doughnuts

8-9:45 -- "Review of Guns" brought by presenters and participants

10-11:45 -- Gary Brumfield & Herschel House discuss their goals and role as contemporary gunsmiths. Q&A follows.

1:15-3 -- Monti Mandarino & Mark Silver discuss their goals and role as contemporary gunsmiths. Q&A follows.

3:15-5 -- John Bivins & Lynton McKenzie discuss their goals and role as contemporary gunsmiths. Q&A follows.

Evening Session -- Demonstration of color case hardening by Monti Mandarino


Tuesday-- Class will be divided into four groups and will rotate through these topics and instructors:

Wire Inlay -- Monti Mandarino

Stock Layout -- Herschel House

Lock Tune-Ups -- Mark Silver

Making Brass Mounts -- Gary Brumfield

Evening Session -- Barrel Browning and Bluing Techniques by Mark Silver


Wednesday-- Groups will rotate through these topics and instructors:

Sharpening and selection of Engraving Chisels -- Lynton McKenzie

Basis Wood Carving Applications -- John Bivins

Iron Mounted Rifle -- Herschel House

Carving and Engraving Designs -- Monti Mandarino



Thursday-- The entire group will be together.

7:30-8 coffee and doughnuts

8-9:45 -- "Eighteenth-Century Flint Gunlock Making" -- Gary Brumfield

10-11:45 -- Arms Conservation -- John Bivins

1:15-3 -- "Engraving Tecniques" -- Lynton McKenzie

3:15-5 -- Panel Discussion on "Inletting Locks, Barrels, and Other Furniture" -- All Presenters involved.

Evening Session -- Practice engraving with the help of the instructors


Friday-- Discussion topics will be based upon the results of a survey taken on Wednesday. Participants  will identify topics that they feel need to be addressed or re-emphasized.

Time will also be allowed for everyone to work with specific presenters who will be assigned to an area and everyone will be able to move in and out as they wish.

No evening session.


There will be a room set up for "Swaps - Trades - Bargains" The room will be open all week during breaks.



Group I -- Dan Allen, Lynn Anderson, Henry Archer, Robert Baxter, Gordon Berg, Barry Bohnet, William Brockway, Bob Brown, Paul Bungart, William Brugess, & Jim Chambers


Group II -- Eugene Cloutier, Kenneth Creps, Proctor Davis, David Decker, Allen Eldridge, John Ennis, Peter Garrett, Tom Grinslade, Mark Hadley, John Hall, Patrick Hallam, Robert Harn, Micheal Hayes, & Chris Hirsch


Group III -- Bruce Horn, Richard Johnson, Jerry Kinnison, Michael Kramb, Michael Lea, John Lewis, William Loyd, Robert Maki, Micheal Matteson, James Marshall, Glenn McIntyre, William Merchant, Mike Moore, & Keith Morgan


Group IV -- Clifford Noll, Zane Prosser, Jim Sahs, Johnny Sanders, Arthur Smith, Leighton Stallones, Paul Swanson, Louis Taxiarchis, Charles Yankauskas, Joseph Valentin, Tom Watson, David Wright, & James Wright

Everyone staying on campus will be housed in Keen Hall.