Group photo by Loves Studio, Monday, June 8th--Instructors: Kneeling Mark Silver, Hershel House, Dave Wagner. First Row-- Dr. Leeper, Gary Brumfield, Lynton McKenzie, John Bivins, & Monte Mandarino

Signatures found on the back of one copy of this photograph.

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1986 Courses:

[From a registration letter sent out by Dr. Leeper, December 2005. Tanks to Leighton Stallones for providing a copy of this letter.]


There will actually be two separate sessions this year. A three-day Longrifle Restoration session June 3-6 and a multi-level, five-day workshop June 8-13.


John Bivins and Gary Brumfield will team teach the restoration session and their lecture topics will span a wide subject area from how to disassemble a rifle to how to select and apply the best protective coatings.


Participants in the five day session will be divided into three distinct groups: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.


The beginner group is designed to ground everyone in the fundamentals. There will be lectures in the morning followed by lab time to get hands on experience. While this group will not stock a rifle, everyone will have a practice piece which will include: wood carving, inletting a brass piece, engraving exercises, and the application of finish.

On Monday morning this group will pick two of these three demonstrations to attend: forging, brass casting, and woodworking. On Tuesday there will be two groups with one working on stock shaping while the other works with brass mounts--the groups will switch topics for Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will follow a similar schedule.

The intermediate group will have the same lecture series as the beginners, however, their "shop time" will be devoted to working on a flintlock longrifle. Students in this group are expected: to have worked on a number of rifles (3-5), perhaps attended previous seminars, and bring a rifle in the white. It should have the lock, barrel, and butt plate inlet. The basic stock shaping should be completed. Thimbles, patch box, triggers and trigger guard should be made but not attached.

The advanced level training is for individuals with considerable experience who want to specialize in a specific area of study during the week long workshop. Those selecting this option will have to chose one of the following areas of study:

  1. Wood Carving

  2. Engraving

  3. Gunlock Assembly and Tune Ups (large Siler kit)

  4. Metal Finishing (casehardening, bluing, browning, and etc.)




Conservation and Restoration of Longrifles: (John Bivins and Gary Brumfield)
Frederick Fultz, IN; Chris Hirsh, TX; John Lewis, OH; W. Leighton Stallones, TX. [these first 4 were apparently in the restoration class only] Bruce Clark, Douglas Emrich, Jim Govro, Donald Pitsch, John Riddell, Joseph Shoulders, and Jack Waid [others?]


BEGINNER: (Dave Wagner & Hershel House)
Orville Adkins, WV; Mike Bates, KY; Sylvester Brown, WI; David William Bryant, TX; P.D. Caudle, TX; Medrick Chandler Sr., NC; Dahl Curry, VA; Gary Dean, TX; Douglas Emrich, Iowa; Jim Govro, TX; James Horton, Ill.; Larry Pletcher, IN; Paul Priewe, WI; Stephen Reiser, PA; John Riddell, MO; Philip Ritchie, NJ; Joseph Shoulders, IN; Joseph Steger, MI; Louis Taxiarchis, Maine; Tim Theriac, IN.


INTERMEDIATE: (Gary Brumfield & Monte Mandarino)
William (Bill) Behnke, MI; Robert Carpenter, CA; Bruce Clark, OH; Ken A. Creps, OH; Ray Naughton, MO; Russell Swanson, WI; Cameron Pitkethly, Canada; Jack Ward, Republic of Panama; William Weziel, IN; William Zelt, CO; Doug O'Conner, Oregon.


Wood Carving: (John Bivins)
Bob Brown, VA; Jay Close, VA; Chris Gilgun, Mass.; Bill Loyd, Missouri; Keith Morgan, FL; Dr. William Shipman, PA


Engraving: (Lynton McKenzie)
Barry Bohnet, FL; Richard Dunbar, AZ; Norbert Richard Galvin, MA; David Lankford, TN; Robert Maki, Ill.; William Merchant, KY; Tom Radant, Ill.; Joe Valentin, MI; David Wright, TN.


Metal Finishing: (Mark Silver)
Peter Garrett, KY; Warren Halstead, Mass.