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This iron mounted pistol was made for a customer who already owned an iron mounted longrifle made in the shop by Wallace Gusler in 1972. Iron Mounted Rifle The idea for the set triggers came from an original silver mounted Bean pistol (TN).

I used a .50 caliber Getz barrel and a small Siler lock. All the mounts were hand forged, as were the special curved-bed set triggers.

The barrel and mounts were blued by heating them to about 600 degrees. What is known as a spring temper or draw blue. This thinner blue was often used on sword blades. It is not a durable as a charcoal blue or rust blue and you will see damage to it in several of the photographs.

Colonial Williamsburg photo

Colonial Williamsburg photo

Upper fore stock molding was carried out on the nose cap as engraving.